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Overseas Canadian Headstones

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Searching Tips & Suggestions (Click to Expand)

Green Plus Symbol – Click on this beside Picture to expand information on Headstone

% – Wildcard – this can be placed before or after your entry in the filter field. Searching time will increase when wildcards are entered. For example, to find all burials in Glassville United Church Cemetery, Carleton, New Brunswick, simply enter Glassville% in the Cemetery field. Some cemetery names are very common, Such as variations on Knox Presbyterian. Entering Knox% in the cemetery field finds 3,974 entries, but narrowing the province to Ontario and the County to Hamilton%, narrows it down to 574 records. The same techniques will work for names – entering Clark% in the lastname field will locate Clark, Clarke, Clarkson, etc. Adding the wildcard in the middle of a name, such as Sm%th%, will reveal Smith, Smythe, Smithson, etc.

Province – This is now a Dropdown Field: ON = Ontario; QC = Quebec; BC = British Columbia; AB = Alberta; SK = Saskatchewan; MB = Manitoba; NL = Newfoundland & Labrador; PE = Prince Edward Island; NS = Nova Scotia; NB = New Brunswick; AF = Armed Forces; NU = Nunavut; YT = Yukon; NT = Northwest Territories.

Photo – Click on the Photo in left column to see the photo full size in a new browser window

Though these Soldiers are buried Overseas, we will not forget them or their service to this country. Lest we Forget.

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