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Thank you image is a wholly volunteer supported registered Canadian charity. We have no paid staff and no offices. We rely upon those many people who take the time to upload and transcribe photos for the benefit of other people, along with those whose donations help keep our site alive.

We at are humbled and thankful for the efforts of every person who contributes to the site. While hundreds of individuals upload and/or transcribe photos each year, sometimes there are exceptional efforts which must be acknowledged. The following people are commended and celebrated for their efforts in 2022 (we have identified individuals by user numbers to preserve their privacy, but you know who you are!):

  • User 334: 2,825 entries
  • User 615: 2,549 entries
  • User 404: 2,019 entries
  • User 51: 1,820 entries
  • User 81: 1,644 entries
  • User 90: 1,338 entries

Thank you all!