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Given NameSurnameMaiden NameNicknameBirth YearDeath YearProvince
Margaret E.SalmonNeal19131973ON
Marie EllenWoodrowSlute19512010ON
Bruce WayneWoodrow1949ON
William A.Varney19011973ON
Lena M.VarneyRennie19032002ON
Denzil WilliamSayeau19652000ON
Verna MaeSayeauSeeley19362002ON
Buddy WilliamSayeau19322008ON
Leroy WeldonSayeau19572006ON
Mary ElaineNancekievillSpence1933ON
Ivan WilliamNancekievill1933ON
Kathleen E.Whitfield19161988ON
Elsa E.StorryNeal1908ON
A. WilliamStorry19101985ON
Margaret EleanorGoodbrandMiller19141999ON
James GordonGoodbrand19191998ON
C. MurrayGoodbarand19081990ON
E. DorisPiperWarrian19061991ON
Allan CharlesPiper19081976ON
M. W. BerylSmithSnoddon19211998ON
William HowardSmith19181993ON
Given NameSurnameMaiden NameNicknameBirth YearDeath YearProvince

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